My name is Fulvio Cristallini and I am a Travel photographer

I was born in Rome in ’77 and I still live and work here as ICT Manager.

Thanks to my passion for travel, I have the opportunity to discover new and wonderful places and to get in touch with cultures and traditions different from mine. So far I have traveled to four continents, for a total of over 40 countries visited.

My first shots date back to the early 1990s when I learned the rudiments on exposure and composition thanks to my father’s passion for photography; after stopping for a few years, in 2009 I bought my first digital camera (a Nikon D3100) and since then I have tried to improve my images more and more by trying to create my own style, a signature, something that can transmit my vision of the world.

My photos are mostly landscapes, travel and street. I made several shootings with both male and female models, although this is not my reference genre, and had worked on commission for some clients producing photo shoots for their companies. In 2015 I founded an agency specialized in photographic walking tours of Rome.

Photography represents for me the best way (if not the only) to appreciate a scene, to experience a situation in its fullness right from the moment of shooting.
It might seem like a commonplace, but since I took photographs, I’ve learned to see and not just look.

Publications & Exhibits

  • Live Social on Radio Roma Capitale (FM 93.00MHz)
  • WePhoto B&W Volume 6
  • CMAG – The Cinema Magazine
  • Campo de’Fiori Magazine
  • Fotografi per Cuore Collective Exhibition


  • I hate my firts name;
  • One of my biggest dream, is to travel around the world in a self-built van;
  • I’m an only child;
  • I’m a heavy smoker;
  • I’m in love with my two cats;
  • I consume an unhealthy amount of coffee everyday;
  • I collect pins of the Hard Rock Cafè from every city i’ve visited. So far, i have more than 50;
  • I plan to visit every country in Europe;
  • I have an almost pathological attraction towards number six.
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